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EOC receives the UNITAR-certificate for sustainable entrepreneurship. On October 27th, during the Voka-Day Sustainable business 2020, EOC Group received the UNITAR-certificate "SDG Pioneer" as one of the first 100 companies in Belgium. This is an international recognition for sustainable entrepreneurship based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of SDG's of the UN.
EOC Group focusses its key principles in its business on: economic development social progress environmental responsibility We have summarized our efforts and initiatives concerning our sustainable business in our new Global Sustainability Report 2019. Find out more about our sustainable business...
Once again we succeeded to obtain the VOKA Sustainability Charter for all our EOC activities in Belgium. Congrats and thanks to all who contributed to this. Certificates are issued in June or September 2020 depending on the Covid-19 situation. Further info will follow … We are registered for the 2020 cycle.
Good news: we have been awarded with a Gold EcoVadis Medal!
Message to all our customers - Update Covid-19 Please carefully read the attached document.
We would like to thank you all for the wonderful year spent together. Our combined energies allowed us to build beautiful businesses. EOC wishes you and your family a very happy, blessed and prosperous year ahead … Happy New Year!
RSPO Newsletter EOC Surfactants December 2019
EOC Belgium has achieved the Voka Charter Sustainable Business for the business and activities during the year 2018. So as a Laureate for 2019 we can officially use the VCDO logo for all activities of EOC in Belgium. Certificates have been received per department: Surfactants, Adhesive Division, Latex Division II, EOC Management & EOC Logistics.
Charities supported by EOC in 2019
One of the pillars that we build our sustainable entrepreneurship upon is social progress. We do not only care about our employees, but also about the society around us and worldwide. Therefore, we choose to support charity organizations that contribute to a better society in a meaningful way...
EOC Belgium is part of the target group for the PLAstisiced project that Centexbel and KU Leuven have started to develop optimize plastisizer-PLA formulations for both existing PLA extrusion applications and newly to be developed applications in coating, printing and hotmelt technology. We invited...