Paints & coatings

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EOC Group brings colour to your day

The demands in the paint & coating industry vary from basic decorative to high performance industrial applications. EOC Group, Emulsion Division offers a wide range of technical polymers:

  • Vinyl acetate (co-)polymers
  • Acrylic (co-)polymers, thermoplastic or crosslinking
  • Polyurethane dispersions
  • Polyurethane acrylic hybrid dispersions


As EOC Group sets great store by protecting the environment and your health, our products are subject to rigorous and continuous quality control to ensure compliancy with VOC level, emission and labelling regulations in place.   

In our in-house R&D center, improvement and innovation are key to fulfill our customer’s and market’s expectations. It is through close cooperation with our customers and the other EOC Group divisions, that we are able to offer products of reputable quality and an impeccable service. Ask us  also about toll manufacturing possibilities.


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