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Who are we?
From Eur-O-Compound to EOC
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A family business, always evolving

What started as a small family business, producing foam rubber for the mattress industry, has developed into a worldwide supplier of adhesives, specialty binders, coatings and surfactants for a wide variety of applications and industries.

Our products, the backbone of your industry

Our products are the backbones of everyday products. From the bath mat you walk on in the morning over the shampoo you use in the shower, the cereal box and your morning paper at breakfast all the way to your comforting bed at night. There is a touch of EOC in every aspect of your life.

  • Our surfactants  enhance the performance of everyday personal care and household products as well as more specialized industrial cleaners.
  • We literally have your back with our compounds  and latices for carpets, automotive and aircraft interiors, our polyurethanes  for artificial turf, our thermoplastic elastomers  and many more.
  • We protect your home decoration textiles against fire and water with our textile chemicals  and our polymers  help to bring color in your life.
  • And did you know that our adhesives  are everywhere around you? We help isolate your house and make sure your cereal box doesn't fall apart.

Innovation, flexibility and service, the backbones of our business

Our continuous research in collaboration with our customers has led to the expansion of our product range as well as our geographical presence. Because we think and work together with our clients, we have been able to find solutions to issues that arise with changes in industries and markets.

It is through the passion of every single one of our people that EOC Group has become the global player it is today, while still maintaining its flexible and personal service. The ceaseless thirst for innovation of our R&D experts enables us to develop new products and explore new markets. Throughout every aspect of our business, we focus on sustainable entrepreneurship and care for the environment and social well-being.

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Our philosophy

We manage our operations, finances and services with honesty, efficiency and reliability.

Our Vision

We create products to improve the quality of life. We add performance, durability, strength and efficiency to packaging, automobiles, carpets and textiles, paper, personal care products, paints, adhesives and much more.

Our Mission

EOC is a leading company, committed to be a key player in all our chosen markets. We want to be the partner of choice for our customers seeking innovation and continuously improving performance of their products. Our objective is to precisely determine customer requirements in order to fulfil and exceed their expectations. We will continuously strengthen our competitive position through ongoing improvements in our product profile, sales and service capabilities and market focus.

Our Values

Our full attention belongs to our customers, they are our biggest asset. Customer satisfaction is the basis of the continuing growth and success of EOC.

EOC is committed to its markets and products and is a reliable and credible partner of its customers and suppliers.

Our ongoing improvement and enlargement of knowledge and technology create solutions for our customers.

Low cost operations and flat organizations are the key to a successful enterprise. Continuous improvement of our processes shall increase our efficiency and optimize the management of our resources.

We are strictly committed to the environmental laws as well as to continuously reduce our emissions caused by our activities.

We manage our operations, finances and services with honesty, efficiency and reliability.


Our history


Mr. G.J. Marsman starts his own company as a producer of foam rubber for the mattress and furniture industries.


The company shifts its core business to compounds for the carpet industry. Eur-O-Compound is a fact.


Eur-O-Compound moves to Oudenaarde, Belgium and begins developing new products and exploring new applications for existing products. With the product diversification, global expansion occurs.


Eur-O-Compound becomes EOC. All the existing branches were unified in the EOC Group.


EOC Group headquarters moves to its new building in Oudenaarde, Belgium.


The start of a new business unit Polyurethanes and launch of EXOPUR.


Two new EOC plants open in Spain and India.


Start of a new business unit Thermoplastic Elastomers and launch of EXOLAST.

Over the years, EOC added more products to its portfolio, divided over the eight divisions that we know today: compounds, latices, adhesives, emulsions, surfactants, polyurethanes, textile chemicals and thermoplastic elastomers. EOC Group has 13 production and distribution units worldwide  that employ over 700 people.