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Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The key principles of EOC Group are based on economic development, social progress and environmental responsibility.

Economic Development

As a company, EOC Group aims for economic benefit and results without compromising the environment. We develop new production methods that use fewer resources, save time and reduce costs while still maintaining our esteemed product quality.

Social Progress

We are well aware that the actions of the EOC Group affect our employees as well as the communities in which we operate and other stakeholders. We focus on offering a safe and healthy working environment for every single one of our employees. We train our people to allow them to grow, feel confident in their job and stay motivated.

Environmental Responsibility

As a manufacturer of chemical products, a deep respect for Earth's resources is key. In our R&D department, we focus on creating environmentally friendly products with the use of sustainable resources. Minimizing the impact of our business on the environment has become a major factor in all our processes. Saving energy and thus lowering pollution, recycling and reducing the amount of waste, lowering CO2 emission and using water responsibly, these are a few of the efforts we make in creating and maintaining a sustainable future.

Every two years, we publish a sustainability report in which we explain our various initiatives in sustainable entrepreneurship. Read our most recent sustainability report here

EOC Group Global Sustainability Report 2021.pdf


Being sustainable is a high priority within EOC. That is why we are committed to achieving a number of ESG goals by 2030. 
Read about our ESG 2030 aspirations here. 

EOC 2030 ESG goals_1.pdf


Our sustainability reports over the past years:


EOC Group Global Sustainability Summary Report 2015.pdf

EOC Global Sustainability Summary Report 2017.pdf

EOC Group Global Sustainability Summary Report 2019.pdf


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