Construction, Assembly & Insulation Industry

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Industrial adhesives to build on


When it comes to construction, assembly or insulation, you need to take into account strict safety and environmental requirements. EOC Group, Adhesive Division offers high-quality industrial adhesives for various applications. Our customers come to us for solutions in manufacturing of:

  • polyester strapping
  • binding of glass fibre
  • laminating of glass or mineral wool
  • laminating of foam
  • production of gypsum board
  • sandwich panels
  • ...

In close cooperation with other EOC divisions, we can offer you a multitude of products to kick-start your building process.

EOC Group, Adhesive Division, offers a wide range of industrial adhesives for the construction, assembly and insulation industry. We focus on continuous product and process improvement and deploy our in-house knowledge for product innovations that meet and exceed both market and customer expectations.

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