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Latices to enhance paper and cardboard coatings

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Glossy magazines, the labels of your favorite brand, the box of your breakfast cereal, that movie poster you stare at while waiting on the train. Our latex is everywhere, making the world around you just a little prettier. EOC latices add gloss to the coated paper of your magazine, make sure the colours stick to the paper.

Our customers deliver coated paper and cardboard to the printing industry. Our latices make it smoother, brighter, strongers… Our products enhance that plain, ordinary piece of paper or cardboard.

EOC Group, Latex Division offers latices for a wide range of industries and applications. We have our own specializes R&D center for the paper and carboard applications where we have a pilotcoater and printing facilities to simulate the printing process of the end customer and test new solutions in close cooperations with our customers.

Let’s discuss how EOC can help you brighten the world.