Transport Textiles

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Feel the comfort of our chemistry

Over the past years, the demands for more comfort and safety in the transport textile industry have increased noticeably. This has led to a greater use of textile material in the mobiltech.

New, more environmentally-friendly and economic objectives created a need for new efficient and eco-friendly coatings that give the right protection. EOC products fulfill the increasingly strict regulatory requirements for lower VOC’s, emissions etc.

In a world where your next meeting is just a train ride or a flight away, you can expect to travel comfortably and safely. EOC’s Textile Chemicals Division develops the required chemistry to slow down ignition in case of a fire and to create less dense and toxic smoke.

Our own R&D centre investigates and develops new products based on Halogen, Halogen Free and other technologies to obtain the best performance while following the Fire Retardancy (FR) standards and norms in place.

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Our EXOFLAM range includes ready-to-use compounds (FR + additives + binder) or FR dispersions (FR + additives) to fulfil all these requirements

With the support of EOC Group, Emulsion Division, we can also offer tailor-made solutions for specific needs for thermoformability or hardness / stiffness of textiles and nonwovens.