Technical applications

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Surface active agents in technical applications

Surface active agents are commonly known as formulation backbones for household, industrial and personal care liquid cleaners. However, various formulations in technical applications also require surfactants to work properly.

EOC Surfactants offers several types of surface active agents, depending on the application.


Anionic surfactants

We offer a wide spectrum of anionic surfactants:

  • Foaming agents creating fine and dense foam for shoe material, mattresses and artificial grass backings
  • Low foaming wetting agents used in aqueous overprint varnishes for coatings in the packaging and paper industries
  • Emulsifiers, dispersants and stabilizers for the emulsion polymerization of diverse homo- and copolymers for textile binders and adhesives
  • Penetrating agents in crop protection formulations 
  • Skin softening agents in the leather industry

Nonionic surfactants

Our range of nonionic surfactants finds its main application as

  • Foam booster and foam stabilizer in industrial and institutional cleaning
  • Foaming auxiliary in the textile industry
  • Emulsifier, lubricant and corrosion inhibitor in metalworking fluids

Amphoteric surfactants

Our amphoteric surfactants show excellent foam formation and foam stabilization and are compatible with a wide spread of formulations. These surface active agents are used in anionic and cationic bitumen emulsions for the construction market, in latex compounds for the carpet and textile industries and in foam cementing and well stimulation in the oil and off shore industries.

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