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Strategic Partnership for the implementation of PVB dispersion binder in Carpet Backings

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EOC Group and Shark Solutions announce Strategic Partnership for the implementation of PVB dispersion binder in Carpet Backings

Oudenaarde, 12/3/2024 – In a joint effort towards sustainability and recyclability, the EOC Group
and Shark Solutions have united their expertise to introduce a solution for utilizing post-consumer
materials in carpet pre-coat and backings. The EOC Group is proud to announce its’ exclusive
partnership for Europe and Turkey
with Shark Solutions for the distribution of PVB dispersion
made from recycled windshields and architectural glass as a binder in carpet pre-coat and
This innovative approach not only diverts PVB from landfills and offers a sustainable
alternative for the carpet industry, but also offers many advantages technically, health-wise and
much lower CO₂ print compared to virgin binders.

About EOC Group
EOC Group, headquartered in Belgium, is a family-owned producer of a wide variety of chemical
, serving diverse markets worldwide. They have a rich history dating back to 1948. Initially
focusing on foam rubber for mattresses, EOC Group transitioned to compounds for the carpet
industry in the early 1960s. Today, the company operates across various markets while maintaining
a strong commitment to its roots in the textile industry. They go far beyond the production of raw
materials. With a dedication to act sustainably, EOC Group's textile division continually seeks to
enhance textile backing solutions through customized approaches and technical expertise.

About Shark Solutions
Shark Solutions is a Danish headquartered cleantech company founded in 2005 with factories in
both the USA and Europe. The company produces, among other, sustainable PVB binder, which
they extract from laminated broken car windows or architectural glass. Shark Solutions currently
supplies primarily to the floor and paint industry, where their products replace traditional binders
without compromising quality and still maintain competitive and stable pricing.

"We are excited to collaborate with Shark Solutions on this path towards sustainability in the world
of carpet,” says Piet Tytgat, Sales Director Textile Chemicals of EOC Group. "By using the many
advantages of PVB as a dispersion binder for carpet pre-coat and backings, we are setting new
standards for environmental stewardship in the carpet industry.
This partnership also
strengthens each other, as EOC brings its expertise and position in the European carpet market,
while Shark Solutions stands out as THE pioneer in PVB production. "

In their shared commitment to driving positive change by utilizing recycled materials and pioneering
green solutions, both companies are paving the way for a more sustainable future in the carpet

For more information about the partnership and the use of PVB in carpet backings, do not hesitate
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Media Contact:
Katrien Maes
Marketing Manager EOC Group
T: +32 55 23 58 58
EOC Group – IP De Bruwaan 10 – 9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium