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Newsletter EOC Surfactants December 2019

RSPO Newsletter EOC Surfactants December 2019

Newsletter EOC Surfactants December 2019


Sustainablility is one of the most critical topics these days, EOC Surfactants part of the EOC group has succesfully implemented a strategy in line with our long-term commitment to sustainibility.

We have been a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil since 2012. With this membership, EOC has proven its willingness to use and promote sustainable palm oil, palm kernel oil and its derivatives in this product range.

Since 2017 EOC obtained the Supply Chain Certificate of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil that guarantees the criteria for processing RSPO certified palm products through Mass Balance (MB) and Segregated (SG) supply chain models for our Belgian production sites in Evergem and Oudenaarde.

Additionally our Italian production site in Vercelli obtained the RSPO Supply Chain Certificate in 2019.

For the following Surfactants EOC has products available with RSPO certification;


  • Betaines                                  :           Euroquat range


  • Amphoacetates                       :           Euroglyc range           


  • Alkanolamides                        :           Eur-Amid range


  • Aminoxides                             :           Euroxide range


  • Mono-ester sulfosuccinates    :           Euranaat LS3


  • Saponified vegetable oils        :           Eurasol range


  • Opacifiers                                :           Europacif range


Please pass this newsletter forward to others. This way we raise the awareness of sustainable palm oil products.


Feel free to contact us about our RSPO certified product portfolio;

EOC Group

p/a IP De Bruwaan 12

9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium

+32 (0)55 23 58 58

+32 (0)55 23 58 59


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