Second Charter for Sustainable Business for EOC Belgium

For the second consecutive year, EOC Belgium received the Charter for Sustainable Business, presented by Flander’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VOKA).

In 2016, EOC’s 4 Belgian Business Units (EOC Belgium – including EOC Management and EOC Logistics - Oudenaarde, EOC Surfactants Evergem, EOC Belgium Latex II Division Evergem and EOC Belgium Adhesive Division Evergem) invested in sustainable business with several projects. The good practice for Corporate Governance that was mentioned by VOKA, is the use of roadmaps per division. These roadmaps are means to determine, set and monitor KPI’s and targets. They lead to more efficient work and a more sustainable use of water and energy. The indicators that were monitored, water and energy consumption, showed a significant decrease compared with 2015.

On June 21st 2017, Jozef Dauwe, Representative for East Flanders, presented the certificate to our colleagues Marc Pierloot (Environment Manager), Alex Stok (Operations Director) and Gertjan Keirse (Environment Assistant).

We are grateful that our efforts for sustainable business have been acknowledged with this certificate. EOC Belgium has also already signed the statement for 2017 to further invest in economic development, social progress and environmental responsibility. We know that, with the support and effort of all our employees, we will receive a positive evaluation again next year.