EOC UK - branch of EOC Belgium

For many years EOC has been a reputable supplier of high quality compounds to the carpet industry which was further reinforced when the UK operation acquired the British Standard "BS 5750" certificate. The stringent quality control procedures and regular "British Standard Institute" inspections guarantee EOC UK clients permanent quality. The laboratory in Manchester accommodates a team of highly specialised technicians which, together with the experiences and support of the group, adds up to more than 30 years of knowledge in latex compounding, a sound base to be successful in the carpet and textile industry. The central location of the company in Trafford Park, Manchester also ensures fast and efficient just in time deliveries, via the company's own fleet of tankers.

R&D plays an important part in the EOC UK production process. The R&D department works constantly in co-operation with clients and reputable "testing houses" such as The British Carpet Technical Centre for the purpose of optimising the products. In this way it becomes possible to meet specific requirements such as the "Castor chair" test, "Flame retardancy" and "Anti-static" performance. These aspects are now playing an increasingly important part in the quality awareness of the carpet and textile industries.

In the context of further internationalisation and capacity growth, at EOC UK in Manchester a new production plant for the EOC Surfactants was also built. This plant produces the same products as in Belgium.
Two important principles prevail at the modern, automated installation. Firstly, there is maximum elimination of human error, and secondly optimal capacity utilisation. In this way it is possible to limit the fixed costs per kilo to a minimum, and hence maintain a strong, competitive position to benefit its clients.

EOC UK produces a wide range of high quality backing compounds for tufted and woven carpets:

  • Double-backing compounds for the laminating of carpet with a second backing of jute or a synthetic textile fabric.
  • Foam compounds for no-gel systems, euroback systems and ammonium acetate gel foam.
  • SSF (Sodium Fluosilicate) gel foams.
  • Precoats and single-coat for pile and filament binding.
  • Compounds for the textile and automotive industry.