EOC Tailor Made Polymers India (P) ltd is a joint venture with Raj Prakash Chemicals ltd for the production and sale of high quality water-based acrylates. The Indian partner, Raj Prakash Chemicals ltd, is a technological company and pioneer in acrylate production in India. The production of emulsions takes place at the Raj Prakash factory in Tarapur, some 100 km to the north of Mumbai.

EOC Tailor Made Polymers India has introduced a wide range of products for the paint industry, including specific Indian applications such as distemper paints. In the Indian paint industry the realisation is growing of the need for the replacement of solvent-based paints with environmentally-friendly water-based paints. EOC will be promoting this changeover and concentrating on this growing market. To this end, the company will be offering a wide range of emulsions for specific applications such as anti-rust coatings directly on bare metal, high-gloss paints for woodwork and fixtures, synthetic plaster, texture paints, elastomer paints and water-based wood varnishes. EOC Tailor Made Polymers India is also introducing products for the construction, glue, textile and paper industries. The laboratory is perfectly equipped to support Indian clients with the adaptation of these new emulsions.

The technical expertise of EOC Belgium Emulsion Division and close co-operation with Indian clients allow EOC Tailor Made Polymers India to offer high quality products at a competitive price and always meet the specific requirements of the client.