Profile - Philosophy

Our Vision

We create products to improve the quality of life. We add performance, durability, strength and efficiency to packaging, automobiles, carpets & textiles, paper, personal care products, paints, adhesives and much more.

Our Mission

EOC is a leading company, committed to be a key player in all our chosen markets. We want to be the partner of choice for our customers seeking innovation and continuously improving performance of their products. Our objective is to precisely determine customer requirements in order to fulfil and exceed their expectations. We will continually strengthen our competitive position through ongoing improvements in our product profile, sales and service capabilities and market focus.

Our Values

  • Customers
    Our full attention belongs to our customers, they are our biggest asset. Customer satisfaction is the basis of the continuing growth and success of EOC.
  • Performance
    EOC is committed to its markets and products and is a reliable and credible partner of its customers and suppliers.
  • Innovation
    Our ongoing improvement and enlargement of knowledge and technology create solutions for our customers.
  • Efficiency
    Low cost operations and flat organizations are the key to a successful enterprise. Continuous improvement of our processes shall increase our efficiency and optimize the management of our resources.
  • Environment
    We are strictly committed to the environmental laws as well as to continuously reduce our emissions caused by our activities.
  • Integrity
    We manage our operations, finances and services with honesty, efficiency and reliability.