EOC Polymers Thailand ltd, recognised by the Thailand Board of Investments, is established in the Rayong Industrial Park, a new and modern industrial area in the Eastern Seaboard Development Area. An establishment in Thailand also means a presence at the heart of the growing economies of South-East Asia and Indochina.

EOC Polymers Thailand has an advanced computercontrolled production facility and a fully equipped laboratory specialising in the development of specific products for use in tropical conditions. A group of local experts man the research department. Obviously they are fully supported by more than 30 years of experience in the latex and compound industry in Europe.

The factory produces both a range of polymerised emulsions for the paint and glue industry in South-East Asia as well as synthetic and natural latex compounds for the carpet industry.

Thanks to its location close to the petrochemical industry in Mab Tha Phut and at the centre of Thailand's rubber production, EOC Polymers Thailand can rely on the fast acquisition of its raw materials. The company is also 50 km from the new Laem Chabang deep-sea port, one of the most modern and efficient in the country. Conversely, this favourable location not far from the most important areas in the region guarantees fast and efficient deliveries to clients. With its ideal location EOC Polymers Thailand can play a leading part in the future industrial developments in the region.


Faithful to it's client-oriented policy, this company also subscribes to strict safety and quality policies. Benefiting from extensive local experience and total flexibility, EOC Polymers Thailand can also meet the specific needs of its clients. The company also provides "tailor-made" products. EOC Polymers Thailand departed from a strong basis and is now completely ready for capacity expansion and diversification. EOC Polymers Thailand strives for constant improvements in the existing product range and the development of new and more environmentally-friendly latices, compounds and emulsions.
To support the European activities of the EOC companies, EOC Polymers Thailand is one of the largest buyers and exporters of Thai natural latex.