The origins of our group were founded in the Netherlands, where in 1948 the production of foam rubber was developed for the mattress and furniture industry. However, as a consequence of foamed polyethylene increasingly being used, eventually replacing foam rubber, the company took the decision to cease producing foam rubber for this industry and the management concentrated its resources more and more towards the market for fitted tufted carpet, which by the early sixties was replacing woven carpet both in Europe and the USA. Using a licensing contract, the know-how was acquired to produce pile binding products in Europe. This agreement formed the basis for the further development of the company from the Netherlands into Belgium, the UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Thailand and India.

The growth of the company was very fast and as a result it became necessary to produce in-house, a range of important raw materials for added cost and quality control. These materials included carboxylated styrene butadiene latex, surfactants, thickeners and their related products such as acrylates, styrene acrylates and PVA's. The purchasing activities of the group were centralised at EOC Einkauf AG in Switzerland and the bulk transport was brought under the company's own management by EOC Logistics nv.

It is a general group policy to subscribe to all responsible care principles. As a result, all employees actively co-operate in improving safety and the protection of health and the environment.

In 1998 we celebrated the 50th birthday of the group. We are convinced as a family company that we can also continue to grow over the next 50 years. In this brochure we are pleased to introduce you to the different companies of the group.