Latices Product Range

Throughout the past decades a multitude of latex grades has been developed for the coated paper and board industry. However this is an ongoing process and new grades are developed and launched continuously. Future developments are aiming at high quality printing characteristics with a competitive touch. A fully dedicated R&D department is a guarantee for this continuous process of improvement.

For the carpet and textile industries the production units themselves develop a large number of latices with exceptional qualities regarding bonding strength, adhesion, resistance against ageing, water-resistance, fire-retardation, antistatic properties, etc. The clients' products have their own specific requirements that cannot be brought under one common denominator. This is why 2 pilot reactors are used to subject the new latex to the strictest possible quality control before they leave the factory. An abundance of latices is the result, but thanks to the extensive production and storage facilities each order is delivered within the agreed period to wherever in the world.

The most important latices groups are:

Various applications of the above can be supplied as fire retardant and/or antistatic.

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