Emulsions Product Range

The emulsions or polymer dispersions of the EOC Group are always innovating and aiming for superior quality products. Currently we do cover a wide range of applications, but we’re always prepared to have a closer look towards your specific needs. In this way we can serve you with the most economic solution. The main applications of our products are coatings,inks & OPV's, adhesives & sealants.

Main product groups available are:

  • Pure acrylic emulsions
  • Environmental friendly acrylic emulsions
  • Pure styrene-acrylics
  • Environmental friendly styrene-acrylics
  • Pure polyvinylacetates
  • Modified polyvinylacetates

The products that are designed for a specific application:

The emulsions for ink which are alkali soluble emulsions and the emulsions based on resin. The range of products designed for construction are mainly based on latex and acrylics and styrene-acrylics which are more suited for outdoor applications.

Rheology modifiers & Disperging agents:

Currently we do offer polyacrylic derivatives and pure acrylic products.

Technical files

Various applications can be supplied as fire retardant and/or antistatic.

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