Customer Approach

All of our employees are highly committed to the EOC Group. It is obvious that they know their own products to the core. They are also familiar with their individual customers’ line of business. They offer the know-how the customers need to make their ambitions become reality.

  • Customer care
    The direct contact that takes place between EOC and its customers forms the basis for our customer care. For easy and clear-cut communication, EOC opts resolutely for a focused ‘1 on 2 communication’. Every customer has two exclusive contacts in the company, who work closely together: one external sales representative and one commercial assistant. These ‘antennae’ of the organisation receive all the signals given by individual customers and so are able to get to the core of what they are about. They pass the customer’s needs to the relevant parties within our company, who then find the appropriate solutions for that customer.
  • Quality thinking
    EOC tailors its service to your needs and requirements. By contributing quality and effective ideas, EOC aims to find the most favourable results for you, solutions that are tailor-made for your organisation. This approach calls for a lot of flexibility on the part of EOC’s workers. This is why they are equipped with the most modern means of communication, so you can appeal to them at all times. They are ready and willing to offer expert assistance.