Compound Div


EOC Belgium - Compound Division is the largest European producer of latex and latex compounds for the carpet industry. The company grew along with the rapid development of tufted carpet, and is, accordingly, one of the most specialised suppliers in this field. Applications of latex compounds are numerous: in the carpet industry and also in the textile, automotive and aviation industries. The latex compounds play an important part in the binding of pile material, the improvement of the cutting strength, the adhesion of materials and the increased comfort of the end product by the incorporation of a foam system.

EOC Belgium - Compound Division also produces a large number of important raw materials under its own management, such as soaps (sulfosuccinamates, sulfosuccinates, ole-ates), thickeners (sodium polyacrylates), antifoams, dispersants, stabilisers, vulcanisation accelerators (also low-nitrosamine and nitrosamine-free) and calcium carbonates.

Companies from the carpet and textile industries are the major customers of EOC Belgium - Compound Division, but automotive industry suppliers also benefit from this professional expertise, particularly with flame-extinguishing and/or flameretarding compounds and pastes that must meet the strict standards of the automotive sector. Sprayable mixtures are used to reinforce the coir hairfilling in the car seat. An excellent cushion effect for the interior lining of the seat is the result. Similar mixtures are also often used in the mattress and furniture industry. With the support of recognised European laboratories EOC also developed flame-extinguishing and smoke-suppressing latex compounds for floor coverings in aircraft and train installations.

The most important compound groups are:

  • Precoats
    For pile binding and handle improvement.
  • Secondary backing
    Either used in combination with precoats or otherwise for the adhesion of jute or synthetic backings.
  • Foams
    Ammonia acetate gelled foam (flat foam and waffle), N.S.F gelled foam (high quality contract foam, both flat and profiled) and no-gel systems.
  • Specialities
    Needle felt impregnations, grass backings for artificial turf, tile coatings, sprayable compounds for bathroom carpeting, waterproof coatings, coatings for woven carpets and rubber crumb backing.
  • Dispersions
    Vulcanisation dispersions, vulcanisation pastes and B-components.
  • Binding agents
    Sprayable for the automotive industry.

The numerous technical staff at the central, quality and research laboratory of EOC Belgium - Compound Division ensure that the national requirements for carpets and textiles are complied with in every detail. Clients outside Europe can also rely on the expertise and many years of experience. Technical assistance for the client abroad is not uncommon. From Oudenaarde and through the port of Antwerp, EOC sends containers with latex compounds or other raw materials to destinations across the whole world on a daily basis. Thanks to a high degree of automation with a production capacity of more than 1,000 tons a day, EOC Belgium - Compound Division is able to make just-in-time deliveries to its clients. EOC Belgium - Compound Division is also firmly resolved to maintain its innovating and dedicated top position in markets both within and outside Europe.