Privacy Policy


The companies in the EOC Group commit to continuous improvement of their security, product hygiene-, environmental, energy, sustainability and quality performance, with particular attention to:

- Increasing customer satisfaction
- Prevention of non-conformities
- Prevention of major accidents
- The efficient use of natural resources in the development, production and delivery of their products and services
- Prevention of health problems

To this end modern management techniques such as HAZOP, LOPA, HACCP, GXP and LeanSixSigma are used.

The companies in the EOC Group ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and the use of best available techniques, taking into account the socio-economic potential of the companies.

The continuous improvement of safety, health, product hygiene-, environmental, energy, sustainability and quality performance is assured by measuring the impact of all products and processes and evaluating in order to manage their potential risks and non-conformities. This is done on the basis of specific objectives for the assurance systems. This policy is communicated to all employees and contractors of the EOC Group through constant training and sensitization and is held available for inspection by customers, the general public and the authorities.

EOC is committed to continuous improvement of energy efficiency and use of energy from sustainable sources. This includes targets for structurally reducing the energy consumption by means of optimizing operations within the relevant environmental laws and regulations and its social responsibility toward efficient use of raw materials and excipients and implementing the use of energy from sustainable sources.

Attention to safety, product hygiene, environment, energy, sustainability and quality is not only the responsibility of the respective managers but a fundamental part of everyone’s job responsibility.

We are committed to make sufficient resources available to implement the management systems and to achieve the objectives. The objectives and policies will be measures and evaluated on a regular basis using indicators based on internal and external audits.

Gerard Marsman